A Wedding 

at Christ’s Family Church



This is a wonderful time in your lives filled with much joy and activity. As you anticipate marriage and all the aspects of planning a wedding please know that our goal is to help you launch a successful life together.  The following information will be helpful as you consider being married at Christ’s Family Church.


Weddings at Christ’s Family Church are part of the life of the church.  It is the church as a community, involved with a couple being married, which affirms the couple's decision.


      Congratulations on your engagement!


More than a ceremony,

a Marriage.


The premarital process is about building a solid relational foundation.  Our process is designed to show you how to build a Christ-centered marriage that will last a lifetime by using Godly principles and time-tested skills and tools.

If you are planning a wedding at Christ’s Family Church, please give yourselves plenty of time to complete the following required process.


What is the process for getting married at Christ’s Family Church (“CFC”)?

·       Save the Date & Wedding Fees: At this first appointment the couple will meet with a member of the CFC secretarial staff to go over expectations and wedding fees for a wedding at CFC.  They will be asked to fill out the wedding application and matrimonial couples information forms before leaving the church office.  At this time a tentative date for the rehearsal & wedding will be set.  (Appointments must be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday.)

·       Orientation Meeting with Pastoral Staff Member: This is an introductory meeting between a pastoral staff member and the couple approximately 1 hour in length.  It is an opportunity for the pastor to give the couple a description of church expectations and protocol; to listen to the couple’s engagement story and their perceived felt needs.  (Appointments must be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday.)

·       Participation in Pre-Marriage Mentoring with a member of CFC Pastoral Staff or a qualified mentoring couple.  Mentoring consist of 4, 5 or 6 one hour appointments where couples will take a look at their level of compatibility in each area of married life: spirit, soul & body.  All Pre-Marriage Mentoring must be completed 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding date.  The number of appointments will be determined individually & must be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday. 

·       Wedding Ceremony Preparation Meetings with the CFC Officiator – two 1-hour meetings to be completed 2 to 4 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony.


Q.        Do you need to be a member of Christ’s Family Church (“CFC”) to be married at CFC?

A.        One of the prerequisites for a wedding at CFC is regular attendance at Sunday morning services for at least 6 months prior to your first discussion with CFC Staff about your wedding.

CFC is willing to help all persons desiring a Christian marriage.

The Bible teaches that God’s love has been expressed to us through the life and death of Jesus Christ.  When couples make Jesus the center of their lives, He becomes the glue that binds their marriage together forever.  Marriage is hard work, and the church provides teaching and resources that help build a strong marriage.  Surveys prove that one out of two marriages ends in divorce.  But, that ratio drops dramatically when the couple regularly attends church.  It is vitally important that you establish a relationship with CFC; therefore, regular attendance for at least six (6) months prior to your first discussion with CFC Staff about your wedding is required.

Policy for pastors officiating a wedding:  The policy of Christ’s Family church encourages pastors to forgo marrying people that are not members of CFC.  Pastors are encouraged to only marry a couple if they walk through the pre-marital classes and who acknowledge that Jesus Christ, God’s Son has come in the flesh (John 1:14). We marry individuals who believe that God created both man and woman to be joined in holy matrimony for the purpose of becoming one to bring glory to God (Genesis 2:24). We marry individuals who, through the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9), desire to live by God’s authoritative Word (the Bible; 2 Timothy 3:16).


Q.        Is there a waiting list for wedding dates?

A.        No, many dates are available, but completion of the pre-marital process is required in order for a CFC officiant to participate in your wedding ceremony.  There are also some blackout dates before and after major holidays; these dates are indicated on the CFC website.  www.cfchastings.com.  The wedding ceremony and rehearsal dates must be confirmed by the officiating pastor.

Q.        Is it possible for a CFC pastor to officiate at a wedding located somewhere other than the CFC building?

A.        Officiating of an off-sight wedding is up to the discretion of the CFC pastoral staff on a case-by-case basis.  A wedding done outside of the state of Minnesota requires a special process and will require further time to do so prior to setting your wedding date.

Q.        How long does it take to complete the pre-marital process?

A.        It typically takes approximately six to eight months to complete the entire process but will depend on when Pre-Marriage Mentoring appointments can be scheduled with the Mentor & engaged couple and in conjunction with the desired wedding date. (Please note that the mentoring process will need to be completed 2 months prior to your wedding date.)

Q.        Is the marriage preparation process about “jumping through hoops”?

A.        There is no jumping here!  The process has been designed to help you grow in your relationship.  It is “time well spent”.  For many couples, it confirms they are on the right track.  For others, it reveals the areas of growth couples need to address in order to strengthen their relationship before the wedding.  The premarital process is about building a solid relational foundation.  Our process is designed to show you how to build a Christ-centered marriage that will last a lifetime by using Godly principles and time-tested skills and tools.

Planning Your Wedding Service

  • Complete Wedding Planning Resource - theknot.com.  This web based resource is a helpful tool in knowing what and when things need to be done and can be tailored to fit your specific wedding ideas.  It also has wedding budget manager to help track expenses.
  • A “Church Wedding”:  At CFC we see the solemnization of marriage vows taking place in the Christian church for a man and a woman who are Christian, and who intend to practice the Christian faith within the commitment of marriage.  For those who are not interested in this form of commitment we would suggest choosing options other than a “church wedding”.  For those who at this time are not committed to a Christian life but would like to investigate this truth in marriage, please contact our pastoral staff.
  • Securing A Wedding Date:  Wedding date reservations will be guaranteed only after the couple has;
  •  completed a wedding application
  •  met with a member of CFC secretarial staff to discuss expectations & fees
  •  communicated with a pastor of this congregation and he has agreed to; perform the ceremony, the date & time of ceremony, talked to needed CFC Sound Tech staff.
  •  it has been verified that the date is open on the CFC calendar
  •  all wedding fees have been secured.
  •  couple has schedule their first pre-marriage visit with a pastor of the church  (1st meeting should  be scheduled approximately 8 to 12 months prior to their desired wedding date.)

If, due to extenuating circumstances, the above process is not possible you may speak directly with a CFC pastor to see if the necessary preplanning can be achieved.  Each exception will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Wedding Rehearsal:  Along with securing a date for the wedding ceremony, it is the responsibility of the bride and groom to secure a rehearsal date and time.  They must inform and confirm this date with all those involved including the officiating pastor, the wedding party, etc.  The rehearsal will last one hour.

            (Note:  If the rehearsal is to take place on a Friday evening it must be completed by 6:15 in order to             avoid   interruptions to regularly scheduled Music Ministry practice.)

Musicians' rehearsals should be planned at a time other than during the one-hour ceremony rehearsal.   You may desire to have them there during this time to learn their cues and order of the service, but that is not always necessary.

(Note:  If you are having a rehearsal/groom’s dinner, although protocol does not require the involvement of the Officiating Pastor, Musicians, Sound Technicians, Soloist, etc, it is important for you to communicate to them whether or not you are anticipating their attendance. It is also important for you to understand that due to the high demands on Pastor’s schedules, they may not be able to attend.)

  • Ceremony Structure:  The Bible provides little in the way of regulations regarding the structure of a marriage ceremony.  At CFC the service of Christian marriage is a time of music and prayer with and for the couple.  Everything about the service is designed to witness that this is a Christian marriage.  All readings, vows and music should be chosen with this emphasis in mind.  It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to schedule and complete two one-hour meetings two to four weeks prior to the ceremony with the officiating pastor to make final decisions for the service and program.  You will need to be ready to discuss the order of service; persons participating; and any special themes, readings or poems.  Please note that it is of great value to the Officiating Pastor to have the names of all involved, including names of the bride and groom’s parents, wedding party, grandparents etc.
  • Length of Service:  A typical ceremony lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending upon what the couple would like included in it.  The average is 45 minutes.  If you want solos to be sung, you can figure an additional 4-5 minutes for each one.  A song sung by the congregation will add another 3-4 minutes each.  The Unity Candle ceremony adds about 4 minutes.  The more attendants the couple desires, the longer the processional lasts.  If you desire the couple or the wedding party to receive communion you can add another 5 minutes.  CFC will provide needed communion supplies.

We suggest you plan to provide a light lunch/snack to the wedding party sometime before the ceremony to help avoid light-headedness or fainting.

  • Music:  Music can be of almost any style, but the words of songs should speak of the relationship between God and the love between a husband and wife.  The officiating pastor is the final authority on music used during the service.  It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to secure musicians for the wedding ceremony.  CFC Sunday Morning Worship Teams are not available for weddings.

  • Children:  Whether or not children are invited to a wedding is entirely up to the bride and groom.  It should be remembered that an infant crying throughout a ceremony could be a distraction for many people, including the bride and groom.

  • Guest Clergy:  Guest clergy may be invited to assist a CFC pastor or on occasion may officiate alone.  CFC’s senior pastor must authorize all guest clergy. 
  • If the couple desires the presence of the officiating pastor and spouse at the reception, groom’s dinner, etc., a written invitation should be extended well in advance.
  • License:  A wedding license may be purchased in any Minnesota county and be used in any Minnesota county within six months following application.  There will be a five-day waiting period following the date of application for a license.  Dakota County will only accept cash or check payments (no debit or credit cards accepted).

For up-to-date and accurate information on obtaining a marriage license, fees, reduced fees and license requirements in Dakota County go to http://www.co.dakota.mn.us in the menu bar, click on “Permits & Licenses”, then click on “Marriage License & Certificates”.

The officiating pastor must have the license prior to the wedding ceremony.

  • Sound & Lighting:  (Please Note Fees on the final pages of this document.)  

            PLEASE NOTE:  Only authorized CFC Sound Technicians will be allowed to operate any of CFC’s equipment.         All CFC Sound and Lighting Technicians are volunteers therefore, before any commitments to the bride or groom can be made on this issue a conversation between the Pastoral Staff and Technicians must take place.

  • Photographer:  The following information will be of help to you and your photographer as you plan your wedding:
  • All pre-ceremony pictures should be completed 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  This allows sufficient time to lay the aisle cloth, if used, and place flowers before the doors open to guests.  This will be done approximately, 20 minutes before the ceremony.
  • To obtain proper photo lighting, we suggest that your photographer visit CFC within a week of the wedding.
  • During the ceremony the photographer should be as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Videotograph:  Videographers should be as unobtrusive as possible.  Any questions regarding procedure should be directed to the officiating pastor.
  •  Florist:  The following information will be of help to you and your florist as you plan your wedding:
  • A list of available decorations & equipment can be found on our church website:  cfchastings.com
  • All flowers, corsages, boutonnieres, bows, garlands, etc. should arrive 3-4 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • The sanctuary requires a 45-50 foot aisle cloth.   CFC does not provide aisle cloth.
  • The florist or another designated person should be appointed to distribute bouquets and pin corsages/boutonnieres.
  • Florist should be instructed where the flowers should be delivered and unwrapped or unboxed, to avoid wrappings in the sanctuary, or public view.
  • Care must be taken to protect surfaces from water damage due to floral arrangements.

Decorating:  Things you will need to know.

  • The bride & groom will be responsible for all wedding décor set up and take down.  Décor set up and take down will need to be accomplished at a time that will not interfere with other church activities.
  • Access to the church building for decorating and ceremony set up will depend on other activities taking place at the church.  Arrangements will need to be made through the church office.
  • Only dripless or no-wax candles should be used.  Care must be taken to protect surfaces from wax (even “dripless” candles can drip).  All candles without globes must have plexiglass under them to avoid wax damage.
  • Please refrain from using glitter.
  • The church can provide limited decorations. See attached list. All other candles, flowers, decorations, aisle cloth, etc. used for the ceremony must be provided by the bride and groom and removed from the building shortly following the wedding ceremony. 
  • It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to clean up the church following the ceremony.  All non‑CFC wedding articles such as clothing, flowers, food, etc. must be removed from the building immediately following ceremony.  (Please reference the attached cleaning list).
  • Furniture, plants, and all other types of equipment from other areas of CFC building used for the wedding ceremony must be put back into place immediately following the wedding ceremony.  It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to secure a person for this task.
  • You are free to rearrange the chairs in the sanctuary to accommodate your wedding ceremony but please remember they must be returned to their original set-up immediately following the service.
  • Custodial responsibility:  A CFC custodial staff member will be employed to do some custodial tasks after the ceremony in order to ensure the building is Sunday service ready.  (Please Note Fees on the final pages of this document.)
  • ·       Dressing Rooms:  There are classrooms available to be used as dressing rooms for the wedding party.  The class/dressing rooms will not be locked.  Therefore any personal belongings or valuable items brought into the church should not be left unattended.  CFC is not liable for any items, which are lost, damaged, or stolen.


On-Site Weddings - $750.00   (fee covers below expenses)                                                 

  •  Officiating Pastor honorarium
  •  Marriage Mentoring                                                                              
  •  Sound Technician                                  
  •  Church Building Usage:  (Sanctuary seats 300)                                  
  •  Custodial Fees:                                                                          
  •  Damage Deposit ($150.00)                                                       

Refund will be based on the condition of

the church building after wedding.

Fee/honorarium checks are to be written out as follows:

1.     In the amount of $300.00 to the Marriage Mentoring/Officiating Pastor

2.     In the amount of $450.00 to Christ’s Family Church

  • Off-Site Weddings - $300.00 (fee covers below expenses)  
  •   Officiating Pastor
  •   Marriage Mentoring                                                                                                       

            Please Note: 

·       Prices are subject to change

·       Prices listed are for the current calendar year. 

·       You will be notified should prices change.

·       Above fees must be paid in full before a wedding date can be secured.