• Are you new?

  • Been going to church for awhile but want to get into a Life Group?

  • Do you want to learn how to pick up that Bible on your shelf?

Let us help you take your spiritual journey to the next step and get you connected with a Life Group.

Christ centered community has always been a huge value at CFC. Jesus chose to develop a personal life relationship with a small group of people, teaching and training them how to live for God in community. We call our small group gatherings “Life Groups” because our goal is to live life together as Christ followers.

Life Groups are gatherings of similarly interested people who care about each other and attempt to actively pursue further understanding and implementation of what is taught during the weekend services.

The goals of a Life Group are to connect people to people. 

  • Life Groups help you:
    · Learn the Word of God and have it become part of your lives.
    · Learn how to navigate the Bible to find solutions for life’s problems.
    · To care about others and build relationships and a sense of community. As our church grows, it is vital to have a sense of belonging.
    · Build an extended support and prayer network. We all come from different backgrounds but what unites us is our belief in Jesus Christ.
    · Fill in the gap of our individual needs
    · Build friendships and make family connections
    · Get refreshed with a new perspective even if you’ve been in the Bible a long time.
    · Experience the adventure of God’s letters to us.

If you’ve been at CFC for 6 months or 12 years, it’s easy to join a Life Group.

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