Burning Bush is a non-profit coffee ministry, designed as a tool to provide you with a quality experience that promotes Christ’s love, through what we love; coffee and fellowship.

All above beverages available Hot or Iced

Add any available flavor for $.25


When are you open?

Burning Bush Coffee shop is open from 8:35am-8:55am & 10:05am-10:25am

We close 5 mins before each service starts out of respect for the service. The reason you come to church on a Sunday morning is for the service, as do we. If we continued to serve drinks until the service starts we (the coffee shop volunteers) would be missing out as well as creating unnecessary background noise.

Most people only arrive about 10 mins early to church. This leaves us with only five minutes to serve the bulk of of church body. This is why we sometimes have to cut the line off and are unable to serve you a coffee beverage. With that we strongly encourage you to come early and enjoy your coffee while fellowshipping with others, which in turn advances the mission of the coffee shop.

Why is the coffee so inexpensive?

Our drinks are priced so low because we do not operate for profit. We have searched for the best quality products we can find and have brought them for you at cost. Every dollar the coffee shop takes in is put back in to advance the mission of the coffee shop. No profit is being made, and no funds are supplemented to CFC.

Who works in the coffee shop, what do they do?

The leaders of the coffee shop ministry are sisters Allison and Lindsay Weber. Along with are a group of about 12 fabulous people. Everyone who operates the coffee shop ministry is volunteers. We have a staff of four people every Sunday. Two people arrive at 7:45am for the initial set up, then two more people arrive at 8:30am. The volunteers then attend the first service and continue to serve before the second service begins. They then clean-up during the second service.