Welcome to CFC!

Please know that we share a concern for maintaining a well cared for facility that can be available to serve you and others for years to come.The policies below will help you know what we expect from our members and those who temporarily use this facility.We thank you for your cooperation in respecting these policies.

  • CFC is a SMOKE-FREE facility.Smoking is permitted outside of the building.Please use the  provided containers to extinguish.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere on church property.
  • “Blessed are the peacemakers.No firearms are allowed in this facility.”
  • Use of the building which might be questionable as to its compatibility with CFC’s theology and/or  interests must be approved by the pastor.
  • All inquires to use the building must be channeled through the church office and entered on the  master calendar.Any scheduled meetings or events that are officially sanctioned and recognized  ministry or activity of CFC will take priority, in case of a scheduling conflict.
  • The church’s equipment is not available for personal use in or outside the building without  authorization.
  • Church office, its equipment & supplies are not available to outside organizations.
  • All rooms must be returned to the condition in which they were found.Please turn lights off and  water off when leaving.
  • It is permissible to serve refreshments, provided cleanup (including vacuuming) and room  conditions are in order.Red dye beverages are not allowed.Report any spills to the church office.
  • Children and youth groups may use rooms, provided they are supervised by at least one adult for  every 1 – 10 persons.
  • Children ages 0 -17 must be supervised by an adult at all times, and are not allowed to freely roam  the building. No children are allowed on the stage platform or the sound booth.Children will be    expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.
  • Please note that often times other groups are using the building at the same time your group is and  excessive noise (including in the bathrooms) may be disruptive to their activities.
  • You are responsible to replace or repair any equipment lost or damaged during your use of the  CFC property.
  • The church is monitored by an electronic security system.The church office will provide  appropriate instructions on its proper use.·Please do not make long distance calls from the church  telephone, unless using a phone card.

Room and Resource fees are:

  • $25.00 per room per day
  • $100.00 Refundable damage/custodial fee deposit.(Refund will be based on the condition of      the building after use and rental organization cleaning building to our expectations.)
  • Fees are payable to Christ’s Family Church.

-Upon CFC Staff approval, an outside organization may be allowed to use our facility free of  charge provided a CFC member is in attendance and is in an event oversight position.

-Fees are due after your request has been approved and should be paid with a separate check based  on agreed upon schedule. Please do not make your fee payment before approval.

-No other space use is assumed beyond that which is designated on this document other than  restrooms and hallways.

-A copy of a Certificate of Liability Insurance form is required for all groups using the building and  must be included with the application.

-Christ’s Family Church must be listed as an additional insured on your insurance policy.If your  request is approved, we will need a copy of the page that shows CFC as an additional insured party  or a form from your insurance agent to that effect.

-When snow removal is required and a community group is scheduled in the facility while CFC is  not using it, the cost of snow removal will be billed to the community group. Snow must be  removed when the accumulation is more than a minimum of 3”.Sidewalk snow, ice, salt and  additional snow management is the responsibility of the community group.

-Nursery environments must have an adult present at all times. Responsible teens may only assist  adults with childcare and may not be left in charge.